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arts & culture Ski Tango carolyn pettit pinet Ahead of me hardscrabble cracks knuckles against clouds. Behind the Bridgers splay crags in the oystery air. i move to a tango. skis and poles glide, cut, break. i am partnered by the wind against whom i tangle, kick. A flake catches my lash, blurs tracks and trees. snow, manna from heaven, cascades in a whirling mass: shredded paper tangos refigured under foot, a half-moon, then a twist, a white, zig-zagging shake. i bend into the hill, push up to downey’s Butte. here tango, snow, rhythm conjure together as one. i launch myself off, fly down vertical twin tracks, lean backwards, then forwards, legs bent under torso. the wind enters me, a lover i taste, sharp, sweet. my heart uncurls its fist. i dance closely embraced. the last of the geese have frozen over in my backyard, covered in a foot of snow. i dig one out each week and thaw it in the fridge—with a high success rate; even the runt is able to take flight after a few days at 50 degrees. i set them on their feet, tell them “you’re free, go home!”. they thank me and fly out the front door, head north confused, then swoop around and start back south. my two black labs don’t understand; they watch me eat macaroni and cheese and iceberg lettuce and complain how hungry i am. Winter Gives and Gives John clay Foster paint & poetry Unfriending Winter kate Beaudoin shakespeare wrote “thy breath be rude,” but i think thy breath has little attitude. dullness, neglect, but not vulgarity— of emotions you haven’t even slight sincerity. while your chill betrays some tempered winds, your stillness renders still their sin. And while gray clouds wrestle out the sun, your whiteness once again has won. when “blood is nipp’d and ways be foul,” it’s not you, winter, has made man scowl; thy breath is cold, and that’s the end. we turn to winter, not to friend. own vertical twi Artwork top to Bottom: Angie mAngels (2), Allison mcgree, ski tAngo poem originAlly puBlished in Big sky JournAl

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