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woodlandsfamilymagazine.com The Family Tech Myyoungchild.org Teaches Children Values Through Online Stories sion news and hear tales of chil- dren shooting children, of parents hiding their son in an attic to at- tract attention to their weather balloon invention, of famed per- formers and sports players spew- ing disrespectful comments? Myyoungchild.org provides just the resources parents and educa- tors need to help teach children values and ethics in a world that sometimes seems adrift. Sixteen beautifully illustrated A online stories present situations that 3-7 year old children can re- late to: Ÿ learning right from wrong Ÿ sharing at school Ÿ respecting friends and grand- parents Ÿ telling the truth Ÿ being fair and responsible Ÿ developing patience Ÿ dealing with bullies Ÿ showing good manners The stories on the easily acces- sible site use entertaining charac- 12 s a parent, do you get a sinking feeling when you turn on the televi- ters in situations that children can connect to their daily lives. Each story is followed by parenting tips targeted to specific social and ethi- cal skills/tips that explain to par- ents at what age children can understand different moral con- cepts, how to talk to their children about these issues, and examples of how parents can help their chil- dren develop these values and eth- ics. A 3-minute online video illustrates through pictures and quotations the rewards of parent- ing, and is ideal to be used in a school setting with parents. Other educational sections on the web- site include suggestions for par- ents on how to teach literacy, suggestions for educators on how to teach values and social skills in the curriculum, and how to use the stories to develop literacy. All materials on Myyoungchild.org can be downloaded and used free- ly with children, parents, and edu- cators. Myyoungchild.org is a non- profit site developed by the Early Parenting Foundation. It was be- gun by Wilbur S. Edwards, a re- cent retiree from a long career in the educational video production market, who felt strongly that cer- tain values were lacking in our society. He enlisted Nancy Mor- gan, an educational consultant he had worked with before, and Hol- ly Bell, a preschool teacher and illustrator, to create the online sto- ries. “Our stories give parents and teachers the tools so they can dis- cuss important values with chil- dren such as honesty, integrity, respect, and values that are so needed in our society today. Our goal is to help children make good choices and lead more satisfying lives,” says Edwards. Editor’s Note: We tested this site on our own preschool children, and they loved it! Because it was on the computer, which we only allow them to use at spe- cial times, they thought this reading expe- rience was really fun. The illustrations are so cute, and they really kept the kids’ attention. Not to mention the awesome life lessons… Advertise with us! 713.962.9912 - Let us bring Woodlands families to you!

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