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NEWS fROM OUR NEIGHBORS AERIAL YOGA/CIRCUS OF OJAI (aerialyogacircus. com) gives fitness a fun circus twist with tumbling, rings, ribbons, and trapezes. Robert Carreiro (formerly owner of Carreiro Circus Arts and Gymnastics in Los Angeles) runs the program. “We have an incredible amount of fun while getting strong and healthy,” says student Susan Bronstein. Group classes start at $30; private coaching is available. 805 LIVIng: Howcanyour line of topicalproducts—basicallycreamsand serums—actuallychangetheskin’sDNA? Dr.Moy: They contain activeDNArepair enzymes,which have been proven to reduce the risk of skin cancer and even treat precancers of the skin.The other key ingredient is epidermal growth factor—which wemake frombarley—for intense renewal of thinning, aging skin. It thickens collagen fromthe inside. These ingredients are encapsulated into liposomes [think tiny bubbles with an outer structure similar to human cells],which can penetrate into the dermis. As a result, skin looks better and is better protected fromfuture dam-age. The products can even repair damage that occurred earlier—brown spots, wrinkles, sunburns. These sound like seriousmedical claims.Why aren’t these products consideredmedication? Wedecided tomarket it as an over-the-counter cosmeceutical, so it’s avail-ablewithout a prescription.That’s because it takes about a billion dollars to go through theFDAprocess,whichwould be required for amedication.But we knowour productswork because we can showthe results fromclinical trials. Alot of topical ingredients don’t live up to their lofty claims,wouldn’t you agree? It’s been proven that topical antioxidants—topical vitamin C, vitaminE— don’t do anything. Topical collagen and elastin don’t penetrate the dermis. There’s no science behind this stuff. It’s justmarketing. But tretinoin [brand names are Retin-A, Renova, Refissa, and Tazorac] doeswork.Womenwho use Retin-A have great skin and look younger than their age. Their pores are smaller, their skin is lifted; they have improved tone around the jowls and neck. What about some of the newtechnologies that promise instant, surgery-free results? Ultrasonic devices used in conjunctionwith facials do enable products to bet-ter penetrate the skin. Stem-cell injections have potential for adding volume to cheeks that have become hollowwith age, but there’s no hard evidence that “stem-cell facials” reallywork, and some companiesmay falsely use the term. Devices such as Thermage and Titan offerminimal-to-moderate brow lifting and tightening, but it’s nothing to write home about. I offer some-thing I call a “weekend face-lift”: It’s amini lipo of the jowls and neck, which heals over the weekend. The “thread lift,”which was really popular a fewyears back, didn’t pan out. It is totallyworthless. Do patients ever ask you for treatments that aren’t in their best interests? I talk people out of things all the time. Lips that are too filled, skin pulled too tight, foreheads that are too immobile—it doesn’t look natural.Most people listenwhen I tell them, “Youwon’t look younger, you’ll lookweirder.” 48 OCTOBER 2011 805LIVING.COM It’s all blowouts all the time at Shine in Montecito. PLAYFUL PLANET (playfulplanet.com) in Los Osos promotes sustainable living with its Storyland Activity videos, including the award-winning Storyland Yoga DVD ($15). “We engage children while providing them with healthy lifestyle options. We help them understand how their choices affect the health of the planet,” says owner Karen Duggan. “Think of it as Baby Einstein for conscious parenting.” BROCC O’LI (broccolibook.com) is the title of Heather Garcia’s just-released book for kids (Tate Publishing, $7). “My mission is to inspire and promote healthy eating habits,” says the lifelong Camarillo resident, “while introducing children to important health concepts, such as carbohydrates, cholesterol, immunity, fiber, and vitamins.” FURR-SAGGE—a massage for pets’ paws?Why not, says licensed massage therapist and Reiki master Kelle Evans (805-652-7001), who is also certified in hands-on energy work. She recently expanded her practice to include pets. “I want to educate the public on the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of massage and Reiki for their pets,” Evans says. She offers house calls ($50) as well asWednesday walk-in appointments ($20) at Aloha Grooming in Ventura. But why should Fido and Fluffy get to have all the fun? For pet parents, Evans continues to offer massages, Reiki, and energy work at The Healing Portal (healingportal.net) in Ventura. THE SANTA BARBARA BIRTH CENTER (sbbirthcenter.org) opens this month. Geared toward women with low-risk pregnancies who wish to give birth in a safe, comfortable, home-like, low-tech, anesthesia-free environment, the new nonprofit facility is staffed by licensed and certified midwives and includes warm-water labor tubs in each room. SHINE (shineblowdrybar.com), the new shampoo and blow-dry bar on Coast Village Road in Montecito, pampers women while giving them a stylin’ new ’do for $35 (cupcakes and mimosas included).  PETER GAEDE

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