Mile High Sports Magazine March 2011 : Page 74

“You’ve got to have your body right. If the physical isn’t there, then the mental won’t ever be right.” “This game is barbaric.” “Brian Dawkins is the ultimate professional. He’s taught me a lot.” “The thing I like most about this team is that there aren’t any egos. We’ve got the athletes to compete, we’ve just got to keep working hard and believe. Just believing can be the difference.” ERIC DECKER Profession: Denver Broncos wiDe receiver / kick returner (87th selection of the 2010 nfl Draft) age: 23 height: 6’3” weight: 215 lBs. college: Minnesota PHOTOGRAPHED BY: BODY PHOTAGE SHOT ON LOCATION AT THE DENVER ATHLETIC CLUB DECKER’S FITNESS CALENDAR March – Low January – Finish season, recovery, restoration, regeneration, massage therapy February – Low resistance cardio, yoga, circuit training 74 resistance cardio, yoga, circuit training, begin speed training April – Speed training, yoga and flexibility training May – Strength conditioning, powerlifting, speed training June – Strength conditioning, powerlifting, speed training July – Strength conditioning, powerlifting, speed training August – Lower weight, increase reps September “Maintenance mode” (lighter weights, increased reps, concentrate on muscle groups around joints, core strength training, massage therapy, regular cold tub treatments) MARCH 2011 milehighsports. com October “Maintenance mode” November “Maintenance mode” December “maintenance mode”

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