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LIL’ BITS Pet Selection PARROT FACT The parrots are a broad order of more than 350 birds. Macaws, Amazons, lorikeets, lovebirds, cockatoos and many others are all considered parrots. AppointmentWith An Avian Selecting The Parrot For You “Which parrot is right forme?” We hear this question frequently at Adventures in Birds and we can help, but only after you have asked yourself the questions below. 1. Why do you want a bird? Do 2. Have you done enough you want to play with it and cuddle? Do you care if it will talk? Do you want to teach it tricks and interact with it? Do you just want to watch the Feather Jewels (Finches) fly in their enclosure? Is this pet for you or your child and who will take responsibility for care? research?Have you learned all you can about the parrot species you are considering buying? Do you have the time, space and resources for a large bird or would a medium or small bird be a better fit? Is there a certain size or color that appeals to you?How much do you want spend?How much do you want to interact with your pet 3. Will this pet fit?How much each day? Parrots need a lot of attention to become adorable pets.Many parrots get bored if they do not have enough one-on-one contact. This boredom can lead to a host of undesir-able behaviors. Choose your parrot according to your daily lifestyle. 4. Be honest with yourself! Are free space is there? Cages and play stands can take up a lot of room and need to be where the bird can be with the family. How will your neighbors feel if this is a loud pet? If you rent, what will your landlord think about this pet? there reasons not to buy a cer-tain type of bird? Do you have allergies? Are you uncomfort-able with anymess? Are you or a familymember uncom-fortable with any noise? Is your budget too tight to afford a good cage, toys, or a healthy parrot diet? If so, over time, Ambassador atAdventures In Birds the cost of a good diet, toys, veterinary care and grooming will be a burden. With this list in hand and some introspection, the experts at Adven-tures in Birds and theirAmbassadors will be thrilled to help you select your new best friend. They will help you choose the right species for your needs, the right sex and tempera-ment. Every parrot has its distinct personality and no two parrots are alike. So ask to hold and visit with the parrot you are thinking of taking home. Spend as much time with the bird as you need.With the questions and advice above consid-ered, wait to feel a tug to your heart … then you will know this is your parrot!! Visit www. adventuresin-birdsinc.com to learnmore. By: Lynne Singerman 56 www.houstonpettalk.com

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