Echo Magazine November 11, 2010 : Page 1 | Nov. 11, 2010 | echo 552 | vol. 22, No. 4 S U p ER S STERE TEREo TERE o IS l lAU AUn AU nCHI CHIng ng THE n nE E x T lo loCA CAl CA l SU SUp p ER g gR R o U p THE MUSIC MAKERS Two SpiriTS Spiri TS AlS Al S o: Kyle Shield ShieldS S | Ntuit Cirque du Soleil’ Soleil’S S AlegrÍ AlegrÍA C ombiNeS aCrobati robatiCS robati CS a aN Nd mu muSiC complimentary outside arizona $5 AERIAl AERIA l ARTISTR ARTISTRy y Film explore exploreS S a liFe eNded too S oo ooN N by a hate Crime plus: driftwood project, queer cooks, panache and more michael feinstein on sinatra sandra bernard on politics

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