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NEWS UA group creates poster campaign to promote tolerance in Tucson By Glenn Gullickson The Pride Alliance at the University of Arizona in Tucson is using a poster cam- paign to show that words matter. Christina Bischoff, an intern with Pride Alliance, created the “That’s SoGay” posters that define words that are often used care- lessly, but are considered demeaning in the LGBT community. Most of the posters are black and white and feature the offensive words with how they might be used by LGBT opponents, then offers a more realistic definition. For example, one poster defines “homo- sexual lifestyle” as “the open promotion of the homosexual agenda through a daily regimen of recruiting newhomosexuals and living per- verse lifestyles.” The second definition is “We live in houses, have pets, go grocery shopping and work. Not as glamorous as you think.” Bischoff said the “passive education” cam- paign is meant to inform “the wider campus about LGBT issues instead of preaching to the choir over and over. I hope that people become more aware of the things they’re saying.” The campaign also includes three full- color posters, which Bischoff said have attracted the most reaction. Bischoff said she has created about 35 of the posters and 15 have been printed and dis- tributed a fewat a time toUAstudent govern- ment leaders and cultural organizations The campaign will be launched at a Day of Silence “breaking the silence” event at 5 p.m. April 16 at Stage 2 behind the UA Student Union. Bischoff said she hopes to create more posters in the fall and the group plans a big- ger release event then. Bischoff said work on the poster cam- paign started in February. She said she was influenced by the “Think Before You Speak” project promoted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. When the posters were distributed recently at the Tucson Festival of Books, Bischoff said she got suggestions of about 60 words for more posters. “I’m sort of shocked there are so many words you don’t think about being offen- sive,” she said. Bischoff, who is a freshman majoring in biology, said she finds a tolerant atmosphere on the UA campus. Arthur Vinuelas, a Pride Alliance intern who is working onmarketing the campaign, said the group is considering using the poster images on key chains and apparel. PrideAlliance is a student-run organiza- tion that creates activities for LGBT students at UA. -E Echo magazinE April 1, 2010 | 21

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