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years ago because a friend talked her into it. After just a few months at it, her coach encouraged her to try out for the 2009 Games. “I had to reschedule my wedding to the following week-end in order to compete,” she says. With a second place finish at regionals, the postponement proved worth it. Her first Games experience, however, left much to be desired. “I passed out from heat exhaustion near the finish line of the first event and rolled myself across the line,” adding, “I learned not to take antihista-mines before any strenuous event, but that ended my first Games quickly.” She came back for redemption the following year. “Coming in third in the world was unreal and it still seems surreal.” While she still competed and did fairly well last year, she took it easy since she was expecting her baby girl at the time. Her success isn’t an isolated effort. “Team Val is comprised of herself, her husband and any number of other athletes helping with [her daughter] while her momma slams through another var-ied workout with absolute focus, precision and accuracy,” says her gymnastics coach, Dusty Hyland of Dogtown CrossFit. What is she most excited about the Games? “It's an opportunity to go play on a giant playground created for and by CrossFitters!” she says. Rebecca Voigt Courtesy CrossFit, Inc. Rebecca Voigt As a personal trainer, Toluca Lake resident Rebecca Voigt, 31, has a big heart to go with her exceptional work ethic. She says she has her discovery of CrossFit to thank for realizing that her passion in life would be to help people. “I started CrossFit as a very shy, yet competitive individual who lacked self confidence,” adding, “I am now a coach at Valley CrossFit and I feel that my confidence is reflected in my coaching. I love to help people improve their quality of life and it gives me complete happiness when they see the changes in themselves.” Rebecca’s first experience with CrossFit was in 2007, with the notorious “Fight Gone Bad” workout. “I don’t remember much of that very long and intense 17 minutes, but I remember lying on the ground afterwards feeling…in love.” She has competed at the Games every year since 2008, with her best performance a third place finish last year. Voigt heads into this year’s Games with a second place regional finish. She is very disciplined when it comes to diet. She strictly fol-lows the paleo-diet, eating mostly meat, nuts, vegetables, some fruit and she says, “an occasional sweet potato.” “I coach a lot of athletes across the country and she is arguably the most dedicated, enthusiastic and inspired athlete I have,” says her coach Doug Katona. “She has a rare combination of being a solid human being with a big heart who respects CrossFit.” What is her hope for the Games? “I want to push past all of my limits and surprise myself at what I am capable of,” adding, “I also hope to make my family and friends proud.” Valerie Voboril Don’t be fooled by Val Voboril. While she may be a 34-year-old mom, wife and elementary school teacher from Los Angeles, she is a hardcore, adrenaline pumping elite athlete. While growing up she dabbled in sports, particularly gymnastics, but never partici-pated in any competitively. “I’ve always liked to ‘play’ so I’ve tried many activities like sprint triathlons, aerial fabric [dancing], rock climbing, mud runs, Krav Maga and mountain biking.” Like many, she decided to give CrossFit a try three and a half Courtesy CrossFit, Inc. Valerie Voboril LA S&F — LOS ANGELES SPORTS & FITNESS July/August 2012 11

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